Campus Safety 

Security Procedures

Students should report any criminal or related incidents on campus to the Business Manager, Room 100A in the Main Building, (518) 438-3111 and/or summon help from the Albany police by dialing 911.  The Director of the Evening Division and Weekend College is available at the Registrar’s Office in the Main Building, Room 100, (518) 438-3111, after 4:30pm on weekdays and on weekends when the college is in session.

Students who would like an escort to their automobiles in the college parking lot should request this from the Security Guard located in each building. When Maria is officially closed, students need permission from the Business Office to enter campus buildings.

If you would like to view campus crime statistics for Maria College, visit  This is a link to reported criminal offenses for more than 6,000 colleges and universities in the United States.

New York State Sex Offenders Registry

The administration of Maria College would like students to be aware of the Federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, enacted in the legislature on October 28, 2000, and effective on October 28, 2002.  The act relates to sex offenders on college campuses.

The law requires institutions of higher education to issue a communiqué advising the campus community where such important information may be obtained.  It also requires sex offenders to provide notice, under state law, to each institution of higher education in the state where the person is employed, carries on a vocation, or is a student.

The New York State Registry can be accessed at

For information on sex offenders in Albany County, contact the Albany Police Department at (518) 438-4000 or visit