Two-Year Action Plan for Associate’s Degree Students

Students enrolled in one of Maria College’s Associate’s programs may find that following a suggested semester-based professional development action plan will contribute to acquiring educational or employment opportunities post-graduation.

First Year Fall

  • Familiarize yourself with the Career Services office during your first weeks on campus.
  • Log-in to the College Central Network to find career-related resources and employer postings. Your profile has already been created! Visit Career Services or email for more information.
  • Get to know the staff in the Career Services Office by scheduling an appointment or stopping in during walk-in hours.
  • Create your first professional résumé.

First Year Spring, Second Year Fall

  • Attend events and workshops hosted by the Career Services Office.
  • Meet with a member of Career Services to update your professional résumé.
  • Attend networking events, career fairs, and workshops hosted by the Career Services.
  • Create professional networks in your relevant field.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile to establish an online professional network.

Second Year Spring

  • Attend all fairs and events hosted by Career Services to help build professional development, establish connections, and polish pre-established skills.
  • Schedule a mock-interview with a member of Career Services to better prepare yourself for employment or educational opportunities.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile to reflect newer experiences and skills.
  • Meet with a Career Services member to finalize an error-free, professional résumé and cover letter.