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Maria’s small size means personal attention.

At Maria you won’t get lost in the crowd. We believe that small classes and personal contact with mentors and faculty are the keys to academic success.

We believe a great education should be affordable.

That’s why our tuition is about half the cost of most private colleges. You’ll graduate with less debt. And a lot less stress.

Our majors are designed to launch your career.

Within one year of graduation 99% of our graduates are employed in their field or pursuing a higher degree. Based on responses to 2014 survey.

Transfer In. You’ll feel right at home from day one.

Each year, approximately 60 percent of our new incoming students have transferred from another college or university.

Maria makes it easy for working adults to get a degree.

At Maria many of our students are also working, often full-time. That’s why we offer day, evening, weekend and online courses to fit any schedule.


The world of business is changing. At Maria you’ll not only learn essential management fundamentals like accounting, economics and human resources, you’ll also explore the latest real-world trends that are shaping business today.
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Healthcare Management B.S.

The need for healthcare managers is growing due to the aging population and the industry’s need to become more efficient. At Maria, you’ll learn from full-time faculty and working healthcare professionals, providing you with a balanced view of the technological, clinical and business sides of healthcare.

Management A.A.S.

Maria’s two-year degree in management prepares you for the challenges of running a small business or for success within a larger organization. You’ll experience a hybrid of traditional business courses combined with exciting new courses such as entrepreneurship and business development.

Paralegal A.A.S.

Maria’s Paralegal degree is a two-year program with a mix and match schedule of weekend and online classes. Paralegals work in law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies, supporting the legal work of these offices.

Liberal Arts

A liberal arts education is a broad foundation in general areas of study in contrast to a highly specialized academic focus. You’ll sharpen your skills in critical thinking and reasoning and learn to communicate your ideas effectively— skills that will foster success in any career path you choose.
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Psychology B.S.

One of the most popular of all majors, psychology is the study of human behavior and it prepares students for a number of highly rewarding careers. Maria’s program is designed to give students the flexibility to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation or continue on to graduate school.

Liberal Arts B.A.

Communication Studies Track

Government Studies Track

A degree in Liberal Arts prepares you for the world by giving you a broad base of knowledge and sharpening your skills in critical thinking, reasoning and communication. You’ll be challenged to learn and think about new ideas as well as beliefs that have guided human beings and shaped civilizations.

Liberal Arts A.A.

This program is a multipurpose degree providing students the opportunity to pursue a well-rounded education, sample various disciplines to determine their educational futures, or prepare themselves for continued study towards a baccalaureate degree.


Maria has been a leader in nursing education in the Capital Region for 50 years. The Maria nursing program integrates strong academics with hands-on experience in the region’s most advanced Nursing Simulation Lab, where students learn the art and science of patient care.
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Nursing Degree Completion B.S.

Designed for licensed RNs who wish to advance to the next level in their careers, this program develops better nursing skills through evidence-based practice decisions. Maria’s BSN degree completion program was recently ranked 8th in the nation on a list of great small colleges.

Nursing A.A.S.

The Associate Degree program prepares students to be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN examination. Courses are offered in Day and Evening divisions. Clinical lab experiences are conducted at a variety of facilities that will meet students’ clinical objectives.

Practical Nurse Certificate
(LPN Training)

Practical nurses are important members of the healthcare team in hospitals, nursing homes and physician’s offices. Maria’s program takes only four terms to complete. Students will be ready to take the LPN licensure exam and start working in less than two years.

50 Year Tradition of Nursing

Since Maria College partnered with St. Peter’s Hospital in 1966 to create a college-based nursing curriculum, it has become one of the region’s top nursing schools. Today, students learn in a state-of-the-art facility using the latest technology, but with the same focus on care and service to others.

Health Sciences

There’s a substantial need for healthcare professionals to help patients that have lost the ability to work or take care of themselves. You’ll learn how to help patients rebuild their lives while maintaining their dignity as they face illness, disability or injury.
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Health and Occupational Sciences B.S.

This degree is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in health services or prepare for graduate studies in Occupational Therapy or other allied health fields. Students will receive a solid natural science foundation along with theoretical and practical applications.

Occupational Therapy Assistant A.A.S.

Occupational Therapy Assistants help people with various types of disabilities regain their ability to perform everyday tasks in order to work or take care of themselves.

Bereavement Studies Certificate Program

This multifaceted program encompasses not only the complex process of dying, and coping with grief and loss; but also teaching practices conducive to healing and well-being of body, soul and spirit.

Gerontology Certificate Program

The Gerontology Certificate Program was designed for those who desire a greater understanding of the challenge facing the elderly in today’s society.


At Maria College we’re deeply committed to the goal of making higher education more affordable. We’re proud to be the most affordable private college in the region. In fact Maria’s full time tuition is less than half the cost of most private colleges.

Find Your Course.

Every day students tell us how Maria College made a difference in their lives. How they got the support and personal attention that made everything click. How they were inspired. And became passionate about their careers. You owe it to yourself to take a closer look. Learn how Maria can help you find your course. Choose an option or call the Admissions Office at 518-861-2517 for more information.

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