A Great Choice for Students Interested in Business Careers!

Think of the whole picture at Maria College.

Our long history of excellence in education and a unique student experience marked by a supportive and caring faculty make Maria College a great choice for students interested in business careers!

Our business programs are turning out successful graduates into workplaces throughout the Capital Region and beyond.  Degree programs in accounting, management and paralegal, as well as a paralegal certificate program, offer students a strong foundation in business knowledge and skills, and prepare them for meaningful and productive careers.  An emphasis in critical thinking, human resources and technology helps students to develop the requirements for employment in today’s business environment.  With a strong liberal arts foundation, these programs are the basis of a well-rounded education, useful in career, transferable to four-year institutions, and fostering an appreciation for lifelong learning.

We’re flexible.
Classes in both our management and accounting degree programs are offered during the day, evening, and through the Weekend College, and course work in the paralegal degree and certificate programs can be completed through the Weekend College.  In addition, online courses are an integral part of all our business degree programs and offer students a broad range of business competencies in written communication, time management and planning, as well as computer technology.

What is the Weekend College?  This innovative, degree-granting division primarily serves working adults or homemakers for whom day and evening schedules have been an obstacle to continuing education.  Weekend college students can usually complete degrees in the same two-year time frame as traditionally enrolled day students, by attending classes in three-hour time blocks on Saturday and Sunday, every other weekend, year round.  Fewer courses can be taken each semester to extend the program over a longer period of time to accommodate personal schedules.

We’re diverse.
Our students come to us from high school, in the midst of career changes, or after they’ve raised families.  They come to be a part of the values we hold dear:  compassion, respect, scholarship, service, integrity.  Together with our distinguished faculty, they make up our close-knit campus community.  They’re part of our more than 50-year tradition of excellence that has earned respect throughout the Capital Region marketplace.

We’re connected.

Not only are we affiliated with both the Conference for Mercy Higher Education and the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (CICU), but we also have transfer agreements for our business graduates with both The College of Saint Rose and Sage College of Albany and others beyond the Capital District.  This means that, based on a student meeting specific requirements that have been agreed upon by both institutions, the student will be granted admission, generally with junior status, to one of the college’s bachelor’s degree programs. Information about course equivalencies, grade point average, attendance requirements, and other prerequisites may vary from program to program, and within the different institutions.  Additionally, while these represent formal transfer agreements, there are numerous colleges throughout the United States that accept Maria College graduates on an individual basis.

You’re successful.
Here’s the bottom line.  Maria graduates are sought after by Capital Region employers. Management degree graduates are hired for positions in banking, insurance, retail, private businesses and government agencies, while those with accounting degrees can work in varied jobs, including as financial record keepers, and auditing or accounting clerks.  Paralegal graduates work under the direction of attorneys in law firms, legal departments of corporations, government agencies or businesses, and may assist attorneys with client interviews, legal research, preparation of documents and other law office activities.  Whatever they do, our graduates take a part of us with them when they go, as they excel in careers or further education, as they serve in both workplace and community.  And we’re proud of their success.


That’s business as usual at Maria.