Higher Education Albany, NY

General Studies Degree Program 

The General Studies Degree Program is designed for students who wish to enter a career program but lack prerequisites and/or a level of skills needed for acceptance into a specific program. It is also designed for students who wish postsecondary education for enrichment or to further develop career goals.


By their completion of the Associate in Science Degree in General Studies Program, students will be able to:
  • Demonstrate the skill of problem solving, use scientific reasoning, perform specific calculations, and/or apply logical organizational skills.
  • Critically analyze written and oral material.
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of human needs, values, ethical decision-making frameworks, and diverse cultures.
  • Speak and write technically correct English in order to express oneself with clarity and purpose.
  • Access a variety of information resources (e.g. computer, library, databases), evaluate the quality of the information, and effectively use the information.


The General Studies Degree student must successfully complete 64 credits as follows:
    • 12 credits to fulfill the College requirement of three credits in Religious Studies and an additional three credits in Philosophy or Religious Studies, and six credits in English, including English 111.
    • Two credits of First-Year Experience course work required.
    • 20 credits of a Liberal Arts core in areas of Humanities (English, Nonstudio Art and Music, etc.), Natural Sciences (Mathematics, Science, etc.), Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Economics, etc.), and Religious Studies/Philosophy, with a reasonable distribution in three of the four areas.
    • 32 credits of free electives. 

The General Studies student is encouraged to consider a block of courses in a particular career field to facilitate future employment or education.