Bereavement Studies

Bereavement Studies Certificate Program

The Bereavement Studies Certificate Program is designed to educate professionals in the complex process of dying.  Carefully designed courses will transfer knowledge and techniques enpowering students to help others in their professional care cope with grief and loss, thus promoting the healing and well-being of body, soul and spirit.

NEW courses:

BER 103 Spirituality and Ritual (3 credits); Instructor: Victoria Battell, RSM, MA

Course Description:

This course will help students understand the history and importance of spirituality for understanding and processing life and death.  While many people engage with spirituality and religion at the dying and death of a loved one, this is only the beginning of what spirituality can offer people in understanding the events of life.  Spirituality and religion are both tools for processing and ritualizing death and also to illuminate its mystery and help with the living of everyday life.  The physical death of a person is one of many ‘deaths’ we face in life.  Others include loss, transition, sickness, and aging.  Spirituality helps us to understand these life events and will be a backbone of the course.  Individuals and students in health care professions, psychology, voluntary organizations, and those who desire to have a deeper understanding of the human person, in the cosmos, will find BER 103 especially relevant and useful.

BER 121 Mindfulness Stress Reduction (2 credits); Instructor: Lenore Flynn, RN, MS, Supervisor of Education Resources at Community Hospice and Owner, Solid Ground Center for a Balanced Life

Course Description:

This course will provide experiential learning in techniques that will allow students to mitigate their stress. Through reading, discussion, written reflection and an introduction to contemplative practice, students will gain a sense of control over their health and well-being; proven to benefit physical and mental health.  A six hour retreat experience in a supportive environment will be included, providing students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge and learned techniques.

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