Maria offers various scholarships based on financial need and/or academic achievement. To apply for any of these scholarships, please complete the scholarship application by July 31, 2017 (Please note that the review and initial awarding of scholarships will begin on May 1, 2017). Also, note that the Psychology Scholarship has an online application.  You will be required to complete your FAFSA for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Allied Health Scholarship*

Awarded annually to students who are employed in the health care field, and who wish to pursue an associate degree in the health care field. Priority is given to full-time students.

Bishop Hubbard Service Scholarship*

The Maria College Bishop Hubbard Service Scholarship Award recognizes and rewards a Diocese of Albany Catholic School* 2017 graduate, who has been accepted into a Maria College four year degree program starting in the fall ’17. This student demonstrates a passion for helping others, while maintaining a high level of academic achievement. Apply now.  *the following high schools are eligible: Bishop Maginn High School, Saratoga Central Catholic High School, Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons School and Catholic Central High School

Caron Family Scholarship

Established by the late Reverend Francis X. Caron, and awarded annually to entering freshmen. Preference given to students whose major field of study is liberal arts. Caron scholarships may be renewed.

Capital District Association Education Scholarship

Established in 1998 by The Capital District Association for the Education of Young Children, and awarded every third year to a graduating Maria Early Childhood major. Graduate must have maintained a 3.0 average and have been accepted to an accredited four-year college as an Elementary Education major.

Guido Scholarship*

Honoring Kathleen Sheehan Guido, and awarded annually to students who have completed two semesters in an allied health major field of study. Guido scholarships may be renewed, and preference is given to full-time students.

Maria College Presidential Scholarship

Funded by members of the Maria College community, Presidential Scholarships are given each year to promising students in any major who demonstrate financial need. Students should have a minimum GPA of 3.0 to apply.

Mary K. Knapek Scholarship*

Awarded annually to female students enrolled in the nursing program, with priority given to full-time students.

Northeast Ministry Fund

The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Northeast Ministry Fund is committed to helping students with their higher education dreams. Three scholarships will be awarded ($5,000 per student for one academic year; $2,500 fall and $2,500 spring) to three returning* full time students, based upon financial need and academic merit by The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Northeast Ministry Fund.

Please complete the application below, sign and submit with a personal statement of financial need and reasons why you should be considered for this scholarship. The Scholarship Committee may also request additional information to determine your eligibility and invite you to interview with them.

The deadline for applying is: July 31, 2017

Click here for award application.

Judith Ann Marotta Scholarship*

Established by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Eckert in recognition of Judith’s retirement from many years of service to Maria College. Awarded to a full-time Early Childhood Education student, with priority given to full-time students.

Jean A. Schmitz Scholarship*

Awarded annually to nursing students, with priority given to those who are attend full-time.

Shapiro/Lynch Scholarship*

Established by Peter, Patricia ’66, Scott and Allyson Shapiro, this scholarship will be awarded to a student whose field of study is Allied Health.

The President’s Psychology Scholarship*

Established to honor Maria’s first baccalaureate degree program, the President’s Psychology Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship for incoming freshmen.  It is a four-year scholarship that covers 50% of tuition for the first two years of study, and 100% of tuition in years three and four. Apply now.

The Sister Laureen A. Fitzgerald, RSM, Presidential Scholarship*

Established to honor Sister Laureen Fitzgerald’s service as President of Maria College from 1977 through 2012.  This scholarship is awarded (each fall) to a student demonstrating both academic commitment and financial need.

The Timothy McDonald Scholarship*

Established by Timothy McDonald in memory of his mother, Theresa McDonald, a 1948 graduate of St. Peter’s Hospital School of Nursing and a registered nurse at St. Peter’s Hospital for 31 years. Awarded annually, may be renewed. Preference is given to full-time nursing students.

Thorne Nursing Scholarship*

Established by Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Feuerriegel in memory of Anne Marie Feuerriegel Thorne, RN, Maria College Class of 1975. Granted to nursing students, to be applied exclusively toward tuition expenses. Award may be renewed, and priority is given to full-time students.

*Priority for scholarships is given to full-time students.