“I returned to Maria College in 2015 to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, after graduating in 2002 with my Associate Degree.  The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Nursing completion program at Maria College allowed me to balance my family, work, and social life, and the professors of the program not only supported my academic pursuit, they guided me on the journey that I was undertaking.  I expanded my network of nursing colleagues, that quickly became friends, as we supported each other through the challenging program.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in degree in Nursing completion program helped me improve in such areas as communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills.  I gained a deeper understanding of the critical role a nurse has incorporating research into daily practice and utilizing evidence-based practices to improve patient care.  This program at Maria College has been instrumental in improving the depth of knowledge for my future nursing career.”

Janeen Javoroski BS RN, 2017 (President’s List, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society)

I graduated from Maria College with honors in 2002, obtaining my Associate of Applied Science in Nursing.  Subsequently, I began working at Ellis Hospital on the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Floor in January of 2003, where I enjoyed the challenging environment of adolescent mental health.  In 2015, I returned to Maria to pursue a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, and graduated with high honors in May.  I recently accepted the ideal position of elementary school nurse, which affords me more time with my children and a flexible schedule.

How Career Services Helped:

I sought career advice from Adrianne Rickson after meeting her during the graduation fair.  I worked at my previous job for fourteen years, did not have any recent interviewing experience, and was currently pursuing several job opportunities.  The advice that I received from Ms. Rickson assisted me in perfecting my cover letter and resume, as well as the tips and techniques for interviewing, landed me my dream job!