ESL Tutoring

If you are a student in need of supplemental instruction in reading and writing in English, stop by the Learning Resource Center and make an appointment with Jason Coley. Appointments can be made by phone (518-861-2521) or in person by speaking with an LRC staff member. Walk-Ins are also accepted.

Jason can work with you at any stage in your work by helping with the following:

  • Understanding class materials or assignment prompts
  • Brainstorming and using pre-writing strategies for developing ideas
  • Drafting a paper
  • Revising a written piece
  • Interpreting instructor feedback on an assignment that has already been turned in

Please be aware that the ESL tutor does not provide outright grammar correction or copyediting services, but is more focused on working together with you to develop your English language skills in reading and writing.


Q: How much does it cost?
A: Absolutely nothing. The ESL tutor is provided to you for free to assist in your academic and professional development.

Q: How long is a session with the ESL Tutor?
A: We ask that you limit your time with ESL tutor to one hour. However, longer sessions are allowed if the need arises. Please consult with the tutor directly regarding session over one hour in length.

Q: What subjects can the ESL Tutor assist me with?
A: Any and all subjects. The ESL Tutor will help you to break down the class materials and assignment prompts of any class. They will also assist you in understanding the expectations of your instructors and the dynamics of the various class room environments you will encounter throughout your career.

Q: How often can I meet with the ESL Tutor?
A: You are free to meet with the ESL tutor as often as you like within her scheduled hours.

Q: What if my schedule conflicts with the available hours?
A: If your schedule prevents you from meeting with the ESL Tutor, please contact Jon Coller, Director of Student Support, at He will explore alternative arrangements for providing you with supplemental resources on campus.

Q: What if I am faculty member? Can I contact the ESL Tutor for assistance?
A: Absolutely. If you have any questions for the ESL tutor, feel free to email her directly at The ESL tutor will gladly offers suggestions and advice which directly addresses your classroom needs.