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Résumés summarize acquired skills, objectives, and experiences in a concise manner to potential employers, supervisors, and even graduate school programs. This individualized marketing tool should serve as a representation of each person’s varied abilities and experiences. Although there are many styles of effective résumé writing, guidelines should be met with in order to create a document that reflects your qualifications.

Your résumé is the first impression that a potential employer/graduate school will have of you. A well written résumé should be able to captivate a target audience and convince them to invite you back for a second interview.

Résumés are important for students at any level. They can certainly help to land a part-time job, secure an internship opportunity, or assist in the admissions process for a graduate or certificate program.

Résumé Development

  • Define your target audience. If not yourself, who are you developing your résumé for?
  • Put your past experiences to paper. Complete this résumé writing worksheet to help compile your ideas.
  • Organize your résumé into appropriate headings to effectively showcase your qualifications.
  • View sample résumés by major.
  • Complete the Résumé Checklist.

Cover Letter Development

Your cover letter is going to serve as the tool that invites your audience to review the qualifications listed on your résumé. You are writing with the goal of being selected for an interview, and ultimately the position.

A series of simple guidelines can help you along the way:

  • Cover letters should be single spaced and contain three to four paragraphs.
  • Double space between paragraphs.
  • Fit your cover letter to one page.
  • If being sent by mail, personally sign all cover letters in black ink.
  • Use the same font and print on the same paper as your résumé.

Remember: a well-written cover letter increases the chances of being selected for an interview! Continue to proofread until you perfect your document. Stop in or make an appointment with Career Services to have a staff member review your rough draft!

Resume and Cover Letter Resources